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Quantum Angels is a remote Coherence Healing group following the teachings of and Authorized by Dr. Joe Dispenza. Each member of our group has been taught the practice of Coherence Healing by Dr. Joe at one or more of his advanced retreats. All of our healing sessions are free of charge.


"When a group of people come together with the intention of healing another—and they know how to get beyond themselves, connect to the quantum field, open their hearts, and demonstrate brain and heart coherence—we now know that they can heal one another." – Dr. Joe Dispenza


All over the world, Dr. Joe Dispenza has taught people how to heal themselves and make powerful changes in their lives. Within this work, soon the question arose, “If I can heal myself, can I heal someone else?” To answer this question, Dr. Joe developed the technique of Coherence Healing. After years of practicing in-person Coherence Healings at his advanced retreats and witnessing miraculous healings, many students were inspired to continue the practice when they got home, evolving their experience of in-person healing to healing others remotely. 


Quantum Angels are one of many remote Coherence Healing groups that have emerged all over the world. In our sessions, our group unites with the intention of healing another. They enter into heart and brain coherence, connect to the quantum field, and tune into elevated frequencies such as love, oneness, and healing. They do this while also focusing their energy on a photo of the person being healed. This coherent energy entrains the patterns in that person’s field of energy to become more coherent and orderly. Contemporary research shows that it actually isn’t matter that is emitting a field of energy, but that there is an invisible field of energy that is creating matter. So, whether in-person or thousands of miles away, when you change the pattern in the field, you change matter. It is this principle that countless people in Dr. Joe’s community have healed themselves with, and how
Coherence Healing was born.

Dr. Joe and his team have been conducting amazing research on the effects of both in-person and remote Coherence Healing. The results have been equally outstanding on a range of health conditions. If you are unfamiliar with Dr. Joe and his teachings, please check out his website. You can find more information about Coherence Healing, as well as many other resources that we trust will support you and your healing.

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Our weekly session times:

  • Mon-Wed 7:30pm ET

  • Thurs 8:30pm ET

  • Fri 8:30am ET

  • Sun 10am ET

Click here to learn more about what to expect from a healing session.

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Our group formed in Sept 2021 after the Advanced Follow Up (AFU) in Marco Island, and became authorized in September 2022. Our intention is to come together in love and coherence to provide a divine space for healing, connection, and wholeness within our community and beyond. We are a passionate group of advanced Dr. Joe students who feel deeply inspired to open our hearts and share our divine love with those who request healing. We are honored to be a part of this growing community, coming “together in love to do the uncommon.” 

We accept a limited amount of members every 4 months in April, August, and December.


We require that all members:

  • ​Have previously attended a Dr. Joe week-long advanced retreat

  • Participate in a minimum of 1-2 healings per week for a 6-month period to maintain coherence within the group

If you would like to be a Quantum Angel please complete the sign up form here:

Once we receive your completed form, during our next intake period (April, August, or December):

  • Encephalon will verify your advanced student status, and will email you an NDA 

  • You will have 3 days to review and sign the NDA 

  • You will receive a welcome email with everything you need to know about the group and our healing sessions

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