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For our healees

As one of our healees, we are happy to offer you remote Coherence Healing, and provide resources that will show you how unlimited you truly are. Here you will find information from the teachings of Dr. Joe Dispenza. We encourage you to explore the profound benefits of this work that so many have used to heal themselves and change their lives for the better.


  • We host remote Coherence Healing sessions throughout the week. We allow sign ups within the next 2 weeks only. If there are no healings open within the next 2 weeks, that means we are fully booked. Check back each day, sessions open on a rolling basis.

  • We conduct all of our healing sessions on Zoom. After you schedule your healing, you will receive a confirmation email with your Zoom link. Please do not share this link. It is for you and Quantum Angel members only.

  • The photo and health related intention you send us will only be shared with our group during your session. This allows us to have a coordinate to send our coherent energy and is required for your session. We encourage you to reflect and share your intention for your healing, research shows that healees who set an intention are more likely to have a positive experience. Please understand that we may edit your intention slightly to fit the format of the session. If you do not share an intention we will use our standard intention for you.

  • We accommodate up to 4 healees per session; sessions last between 45-55 minutes.

  • After your session, you will receive a follow up email with a brief survey. This is optional and helps us improve what we do. 

  • As an Authorized Coherence Healing Group we use music tracks specially prepared by Dr. Joe Dispenza for these sessions. 

  • All of our Quantum Angels are volunteers, and all of our sessions are free of charge.


  • Healing sessions must be requested by the healee. 

  • If the healee is unable to sign up themselves: 

    • You may do so for them as long as they are aware of and agree to the healing. If they are cognitively unable to agree, then the primary caretaker or loved one must do so on their behalf. 

  • If the healee is a child (minors under 17):

    • Request must be made by a parent or guardian, and they must accompany the child for the session. ​​



More on Coherence Healing

Stories of Transformation

  • Testimonials from people who have healed themselves by applying Dr. Joe’s teachings, in addition to receiving Coherence Healings. A few examples:

    • Andrea tells her story of healing from cervical cancer

    • Nandi received a remote Coherence Healing that helped his migraines

    • April healed from Lyme's disease

  • Click here the full YouTube playlist 



What happens during a remote Coherence Healing?

Our group uses meditation to enter into heart and brain coherence, connect to the quantum field, and tune into elevated frequencies such as love, oneness, and healing. While also focusing on you, this coherent energy causes your field of energy to become more coherent. Research shows that it actually isn’t matter that is emitting a field of energy, but that there is an invisible field of energy that is creating matter. So, by adding more coherence to your energy field, there should be a change in you. 


What should I do during my Coherence Healing, and what will it feel like?

You can support your healing session by relaxing your mind and body, opening your heart, and generating feelings of love and gratitude, all which puts you and your body in the ultimate state of receivership. However, if this feels difficult or it doesn’t happen naturally, please don’t worry. You can simply relax and do nothing, which is better than trying to make anything happen. 


You may experience a lot of energy during your session. If this happens, do your best to relax, it is just energy moving. You may also feel warm, tingly, emotional, peaceful, or maybe even nothing at all. Everyone is different, and there is no right or wrong experience.

How can I prepare for my session?

Having an open heart is a great way to support yourself during your Coherence Healing, but sometimes it may feel like a hard thing to do, especially when so many of us are living in stress. Below are a few practices to help. Keep in mind it may take some time to feel your heart open and that is okay. These practices also help you to relax and stay present, which will support your healing, as well. 


  1. Simple heart opening exercise

    • During this exercise it may also help to play music that inspires you. 

      • Close your eyes and bring your attention to your heart. If it helps, place your hand over your heart to bring more awareness and energy to this space. 

      • Start to pay attention to your breath, slowing it down, and imagine you are actually breathing from your heart, in and out. 

      • With your attention still on your heart, start to bring up an elevated emotion, such as love, joy, gratitude, or peace. You may also think of someone you love, keeping that feeling alive moment to moment as you continue to focus on your breath.

      • Continue for at least a few minutes for as long as you like. 

  2. Recommended meditation

  3. Consider asking yourself the following questions

    • We have found through the process of healing, there is also great transformation.

      • How would I feel if I were free from my condition and/or symptoms?

      • What am I willing to leave behind in this session in order for myself to heal?

      • Do I feel worthy to receive? If not, can I imagine what that might feel like?

      • What would it feel like to completely surrender into the present moment and let go?

How many healing sessions do you recommend?

We believe that healing can take place in just one session, especially when supplemented with the resources on this page. The research done on Coherence Healings has shown that most people see improvements up to 6 months following their healing. If you’d like another session with us, we recommend waiting at least 3 months to let your healing integrate and observe any changes that may occur for you emotionally and physically. 


Will you offer more than one session for serious conditions?

If a healee has a serious health condition and requests more than one healing, we will consider multiple healings. This will be handled on a case by case basis, and we will request feedback after each session to ensure the healee is responding well.

How do I continue to support myself after my session?

Our lives don’t change until we change. – Dr. Joe Dispenza. The best thing you can do to support yourself during this time is to be aware of any limiting thoughts that may be contributing to your condition, practice the thoughts and feelings you would like to have if you were free from your condition, and continue to practice opening your heart and being grateful as if the future you desire is already yours. We believe the resources we’ve provided from Dr. Joe will continue to support you with your healing journey.

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